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W3Schools Discord Community

To improve the user experience on our learning platform, we are cultivating a community of learning and sharing on the Discord platform.

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Connect with other learners

Connect with other learners

Collaboration is important in any learning environment. By joining the W3Schools Discord community, learners can connect with people around the world. Joining the community opens up opportunities for collaboration with other learners and contributors.

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The W3Schools Discord community is a great source of ideas and feedback! Users can share their projects and any programming challenges they are facing and get supported throughout their coding journey.

Motivating oneself to keep studying can be a challenging task. Engaging with the learning community can inspire and renew motivation to stay productive. And helping others is one of the most effective ways of learning!

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The W3Schools Discord Community is a place where our learners can connect to collaborate and exchange knowledge.

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Want to become a moderator?

We are looking for moderators that can help to build and shape our community of learners.

Interested? Send us an application with your experience and motivation.