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Personal Career Coaching Sessions

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Our Personal Career Coaching Sessions offer individualized support tailored to your job search needs. Purchase a single session to receive help writing your CV and applications, and to stay motivated throughout the process. Benefit from practical guidance on pitching, paperwork, and certifications. 

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"I was struggling to get responses to my job applications despite having relevant experience. After just one coaching session, I learned how to revamp my CV and highlight my skills more effectively. The personalized feedback and practical tips on interview techniques were invaluable. Within a few weeks, I started getting interview calls and even landed my dream job! These coaching sessions were a game-changer for my career.”

- Emil E, Developer and teacher

Personalised CV writing and application support

Personalised CV writing and application support

We review and give feedback on your documents, suggest better wording, and highlight your key achievements. We help you write a CV tailored to your industry, providing tips on the best format and structure.

Get assistance in writing strong cover letters and guide you in answering application questions. Additionally, we prepare you for interviews with practice sessions. Our coaching includes setting goals, working together to edit your CV and applications, and answering any questions you have.

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Get 1 hour of personal career coaching to improve your CV and job applications

Receive pitching and paperwork advice to get you ready.

Boost your motivation and confidence to stay ready for your job search.

Help with interview and pitching

Help with interview and pitching

We help you create a strong personal pitch by identifying your unique skills, experiences, and achievements. We work with you to write a clear pitch for interviews and networking, and conduct practice interviews to refine your delivery.

We provide feedback and tips, ensuring your pitch fits your target industry. This is important when you are looking for a job because a good pitch helps you stand out, showcases your strengths, and makes a great first impression on employers.

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Prepare for Career Success

Prepare for Career Success

Searching for a job can be time-consuming and sometimes challenging to stay motivated. We understand that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. That’s why our coaching service not only focuses on improving your CV and applications but also on boosting your motivation and confidence.

We provide support and encouragement to keep you motivated throughout your job search. With our help, you'll feel more confident and prepared to tackle the job market, ensuring you stay ready and focused on achieving your career goals.

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Meet your instructors


Inger-Johanne has spent the last 3 years teaching 21. century skills to people in the tech industry and is passionate about helping individuals land their dream jobs in tech. She has wide experience helping people in the industry developing a professional work profile, and has experience from recruitment and hiring professionals in tech.


Joe has spent the last 2 years helping dozens of people to hone their job searching skills, improving resumes/portfolios and finding dream internships/jobs in the Tech industry. With his background in IT/Design, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge in resume crafting, interview techniques, and job search strategies.

The session includes:

Personalised Application Review

Get personalized reviews of your CV and job applications to make them stand out to employers.

Confidence and Motivation Boost

Boost your confidence and stay motivated with personalized coaching and support.

Strategic Job Search Help

Get help with creating effective job search strategies that work for you, including how to network.

Interview and Pitch Preparation

Prepare for job interviews and pitches with practice sessions, expert tips, and feedback to improve your performance.

Essential Document Guidance

Receive guidance on all the necessary documents and certifications you need for your job applications.

Career Goal Setting

Set clear career goals and create a step-by-step plan to achieve them with the support of your coach.


Price: $95
Suited to: Everyone
Format: Instructor lead
Language: English


How long is each coaching session?

Each coaching session is one hour long, providing focused and personalized assistance on your CV, resume, and interview techniques.

Who can benefit from these coaching sessions?

These sessions are ideal for anyone looking to enhance their job search strategies, including recent graduates, career changers, self-taught professionals, and those with industry experience.

What topics are covered in a coaching session?

Each session can be tailored to your needs, focusing on areas such as improving your CV/resume, enhancing your interview skills, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and understanding job market trends in your area.

What should I prepare before my coaching session? 

It’s helpful to bring your current CV/resume, job descriptions of roles you are targeting, and any specific questions or challenges you’re facing in your job search.

What outcomes can I expect from a coaching session?  

By the end of a session, you will have actionable feedback and strategies to improve your CV/resume, stronger interview techniques, and personalized advice to enhance your job search efforts.