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Learn Web Design

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Courses available in this program:

Earn certifications

Ready to launch your developer career? Increase your employability by documenting your knowledge.


Start learning Web Design with the w3schools courses and lay the foundations of your web design skills.

This is a structured and interactive version of the w3schools HTML, CSS and Bootstrap tutorials together with the w3schools certifications. 

Web design is a sought-after skill with increasing importance.

The skill is used by far more roles than developers.

Example use cases:

  • The marketeer that wants to create an email campaign.
  • The photographer that wants to host her own portfolio.
  • The restaurant owner that wants to host and modify his web page.

Program overview

Includes: 4x certifications
Type: Self-paced
Time to complete: Around 80 hours
Prerequisites: None
Language: English
Attempts to pass each exam: Three
Deadline: None
Expiration of certificates: None
Exam format: Online, multiple choice

What you get

  • Certified HTML Developer
  • Certified CSS Developer
  • Certified Bootstrap Developer
  • Certified Web Designer

What you learn

  • How to use the latest HTML 5 standard to HTML is used to format text, create hyperlinks, tables, lists, forms, display images and more.
  • How to use CSS to change the appearance and layout of all the pages in a Web site.
  • How to use Bootstrap for faster and easier web development. Creating responsive designs.

How it works

Certificate of completion

web design certificate of completion preview

Check out what it looks like in this example!


Standalone certification exam

This is the self-paced course requiring completion of all the course materials and exercises before the exam.

If you already know Web Design and just want to take the certification exam you can find it here:

Build your CV

We have made it simple for you to share your certificates by link and on social media. Upgrade your CV and social profiles by sharing your achievements with the world.

Just go to 'My certificates' in your W3Schools profile and you will be able to add and share your certificate with just one click!

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