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CV Writing and Mentoring Bootcamp

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It has helped me to understand what a professional resume and portfolio should include. They also gave me great tips for my gitHub and how to do well in an interview. After applying their recommendations I’m now working in my dream job!

-Sindre F

I was out of employment for a while and my resume wasn’t up to date at all. It gave me the tools I needed to turn it into a professional looking resume. I also learned how to create a portfolio of my work to show off in interviews. Soon after the course I was offered a position as a full stack web developer for a big company.

-Samuel S

Learn with live instructors

Learn with live instructors

Launch your career with interactive sessions that improve your job search techniques and interview skills. Each week, you'll also benefit from 2 hours of personal one-on-one guidance from an experienced instructor, tailored to your needs.

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Benefit from 2 hours of one-on-one time with an experienced instructor each week

Supportive global community in the weekly live classes and co-working sessions.

Gain the skills needed to confidently apply for jobs and succeed in interviews.

Get job ready today!

Get job ready today!

Gain the skills and confidence to apply for jobs and do well in interviews, giving you the resources to handle challenges in the job search process and succeed in job interviews.

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The bootcamp starts 17th August and lasts for 4 weeks.

Week 1: 4 hours of teaching and 2 hours of one-on-one with a mentor/coach

Week 2: 4 hours of teaching and 2 hours of one-on-one with a mentor/coach

Week 3: 4 hours of teaching and 2 hours of one-on-one with a mentor/coach

Week 4: 4 hours of teaching and 2 hours of one-on-one with a mentor/coach.

Meet your instructors


Inger-Johanne has spent the last 3 years teaching 21. century skills to people in the tech industry and is passionate about helping individuals land their dream jobs in tech. She has wide experience helping people in the industry developing a professional work profile, and has experience from recruitment and hiring professionals in tech.


Joe has spent the last 2 years helping dozens of people to hone their job searching skills, improving resumes/portfolios and finding dream internships/jobs in the Tech industry. With his background in IT/Design, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge in resume crafting, interview techniques, and job search strategies.

Our program contains:

Live Classes

Participate in weekly live classes where you’ll learn the essentials of the job search. Gain the skills and techniques necessary to search for your dream job.

1:1 Instructor

Benefit from two hours of dedicated one-on-one conversation with our instructor each week, providing personalized feedback and support in this journey.

Interview Preparation

Engage in comprehensive interview training sessions to build your confidence and prepare for various interview scenarios.

Portfolio Development

Learn how to create a professional CV and portfolio that highlights your key qualifications and stands out to employers.

Career Community

Join a supportive community of other users and instructors, providing you with networking opportunities and ongoing support throughout your job search.

Personalized Feedback

Receive personalized feedback on your applications and interview performance to continually improve and succeed in your job hunt.

What you will learn:

Module 1: Introduction to Job Searching and the Job Market
  • Get to know each other: "My interests and experiences"
  • Understanding the job market in your area: (Group session to explore the job market in the given area)
  • Finding the right positions
  • Building your CV and application: Preparing for potential interviews
  • Time management tools for job searching

One-on-one personalized session with an insctuctor.

Module 2: Introduction to CV and Portfolio
  • CV Structure
  • What makes a professional CV?
  • How to present yourself in a CV
  • Pitching
  • Key qualifications
  • Portfolio and industry standards

Setting up GitHub 101 and how to write a readme fileone-on-one session with a mentor for CV writing, pitching, and setting up a GitHub readme file. Assignment: Portfolio setup.

Module 3: Interview Training and Preparation
  • What’s important before an interview
  • How different companies conduct interviews: (Examples)
  • How to make yourself interesting during an interview
  • Using your application, CV, and portfolio in the interview
  • How to do your best at the interview
  • General interview training

one-on-one session with a mentor + interview training.

Module 4: Candidate Follow-Up
  • How have things been going?
  • Sharing experiences from active job searching
  • Challenges and solutions
  • Reflecting on progress and utilizing strengths

one-on-one  session with a mentor + feedback session.

Get a certification of completion

Get a certification of completion

This bootcamp will significantly enhance your job search effectiveness and career prospects. The bootcamp equips you with advanced interview skills, networking strategies, and personal branding techniques, like creating tailored resumes. Additionally, you’ll learn effective job search strategies and gain increased confidence, making you more competitive in the job market.

This certification demonstrates your commitment to professional development and can be a pivotal step towards achieving your career goals.

Bootcamp overview

Price: $960
Bootcamp level: Beginner
Certification: Included
Format: Instructor lead
Language: English


What is the duration of the boot camp?

The bootcamp runs for 4 weeks, with each week focusing on different aspects of job hunting and CV improvement.

 Who is this bootcamp for?

This bootcamp is designed for any individuals looking to enhance their resumes and job search strategies in the tech industry, whether they are self-taught, recent graduates, career changers, or experienced professionals.

What exactly will be covered in the boot camp?

The boot camp focuses on key areas to improve job hunting in the tech industry, topics include: 

  • Improving your CV & Portfolio
  • Utilising and improving your Network & Social Media (LinkedIn / GitHub)
  • Recent job market trends
  • There will also be peer reviews and weekly assignments to assist you with the improvements in Resume/Portfolio.
What can I expect to achieve from the boot camp?

By the end of this boot camp, you will be better equipped to navigate modern-day job hunting in the tech industry. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to align your personal skill set with industry demands, enhancing both your soft skills and your ability to present an improved CV and portfolio.