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What is timeboxing

Introduction 👋🏻

Time is a limited resource.

We have all felt that time does not add up in our busy lives. 

One of the challenges with managing time is trying to do several things at once.

Focusing and completing one task at a time is more effective.

Timeboxing is about setting off a limited amount of time to complete a task.

Simple as that, but also highly effective.


What is timeboxing?

Timeboxing is to dedicate time and set a deadline to complete something.

Limiting the time spent to complete a task is forcing you to complete it within the specified time.

In theory, everything can be timeboxed.

It can be used for different purposes, such as working concentrated on something for 45 minutes or a 5 days sprint workshop.

Timeboxing is commonly used in agile methodologies and scrum. 

It can be used for you as an individual, team, or company.


Example (minutes/ hours)

Tomorrow I will timebox time time between 09:00 to 09:45.

The goal of the timebox of 45 minutes is to understand the concept of declaring variables with JavaScript. 

Example (days)

Next week I will timebox from Monday to Thursday.

The goal of the timebox of 4 days is to complete the SQL tutorial and take my certification to document the achievement.


Why is timeboxing important?

Benefits of timeboxing


Many of us step into the pitfall of opening too many projects at the time.

Unfortunately, this often leads to projects in progress not getting them completed.

When this holds true, we are shifting focus forth and back.



"Imagine digging a ditch. You take your shovel and jump down into the ditch and start digging. Suddenly your phone rings. You crawl back up and take the call. Once finished, you head down into the ditch again. Putting on your gloves, thinking of where to start digging, then you start. Now, imagine this happening over and over again. Up, down, up, down, over and over again. You get less productive. This is the concept of shifting focus."


The transaction cost to shift focus between tasks makes us ineffective. 

On the other hand, focus and dedication to one task at a time make you more productive.

It helps us complete tasks and drives progress more effectively. 


Another benefit is that it can make us more creative

Imagine that you have to solve something within a limited time.

You feel that it is too little time, and you start thinking differently about the task and how to solve it. 

Which might lead to a neater solution.


Timeboxing kills procrastination. It gets us to start and finish a task in the set period. 



Tomorrow I will timebox the time between 13:00 to 14:30. 

The goal of the timebox of 90 minutes to apply for 10 relevant jobs.

See? it gets you started!


Read other useful job resources:

How to write a CV

How to get a developer job in 10 steps 

It gives a base to measure productivity which helps you grow as a person or learn as a company.

Make sure to analyze the estimated time, productivity, and quality of the outcome.

This is because it gives a relationship between the estimated time beforehand and the actual completion time. 


Time management becomes more predictable

By using timeboxing over time, you understand how much is possible to do each day and your speed. 


"Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time." - Jim Rohn


Tips for timeboxing

Tips for timeboxing
  • Plan the timeboxing schedule in advance. Book the time in your calendar (!)
  • Make sure to set a maximum length for the timebox. For example, 45 minutes (this is my personal default).
  • Add breaks in between, E.G., 15 min. This helps ensure focus for the next timebox.
  • Limit the timebox to a specific task or a set of related activities.
  • Spend a couple of minutes after each timebox to reflect and evaluate: what was good and what could have been better, and write down the actions on how to improve.


Timeboxing helps us manage time better and become more productive.

It is about dedicating time and giving tasks a deadline.

It can measure productivity and learning as an individual or organization.

Timeboxing can be used by individuals, teams, or companies.

Frameworks such as agile methodologies and scrum use timeboxing.

It is an excellent tool that helps us to become more productive and it will help you to get things done. 

Try it! 


Any feedback? Let us know in the comments field below 👇

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James - August 19, 2022

A very helpful article. When you wrote:

“Many of us step into the pitfall of opening too many projects at the time.”

I thought you were talking about me specifically. 😅

Sachindra N Pandey - July 26, 2022

Great post. Thanks for sharing

Elias Kibret - July 21, 2022

Keep posting , I love to see this type of post

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