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Get lifelong access to all courses and certifications with Full Access.

W3Schools Success Stories: Matej Bošnjak

👋 Introduction

Please meet Matej Bošnjak. 

I first met Matej in October 2021 when we had just started the W3Schools Discord Community. 

He was quickly noticed as an engaged user motivated by helping others.

Becoming one of the most active contributors, he was promoted to moderator on our server.

Three months ago, he accepted an offer to join W3Schools as a Software Developer, becoming a W3Schooler.

From active member on community to a job offer. 

We are happy to share his story. 


Picture of Matej

Name: Matej Bošnjak

Role: Software Developer and Community Moderator

Company: W3Schools

EducationSelf-taught / partly completed formal education 


Why did you start coding?

I started coding because it was exciting at the time.

I felt a sense of accomplishment if I managed to build anything and share it with others.

I also like to help others, so helping others while learning felt like a win.


When did you start?

I started coding when I started college, back in 2011.


How did you learn?

I learned by participating in college courses and exercises.

The first course was about the basics of C++.

Later, I had a course about HTML and CSS, where I took more interest in coding.

But, it mostly required doing my own research, and I had to learn most of the things on my own.

W3Schools was one of the primary sources of that knowledge, and it helped me in my learning journey.


What is your background?

I have a high school education level. I have not finished college.

I dropped out of college and went to a private school to learn the basics of PHP and SQL, as I wanted to expand my knowledge and pursue a career in programming.

After I finished the PHP and SQL course, I sought knowledge of Javascript language, and after that, whatever was necessary to improve my skills and knowledge.


What main challenges did you have to overcome to become a developer?

There were three main challenges to overcome:

  • To continuously have a strong will to learn and succeed.
  • To be persistent with my learning.
  • To never give up.


Being ambitious was also a point that helped me through.

Setting high goals was challenging.

But every challenge can be solved.

And every challenge can offer an opportunity for growth.


What are your developer languages?

I mainly do:



- Javascript

- Typescript

- Frameworks: Angular, React, and Svelte


I am also familiar with:


- C#


- SQL and NoSQL Databases


How did you get your first developer position?

I got my first developer position by applying for a junior software developer in one company.

A job required knowledge of .NET and C#, which I did not have.

So I had to learn an entirely new language within a certain time.

It took me around 2 months to learn and get position.


How did you motivate yourself along the way?

My motivation was my ambition, in a way.

I believe I can succeed, no matter how long it takes.


How do you know W3Schools?

My first interaction with W3Schools was learning about HTML and CSS in college.

I found out about W3Schools by researching tutorials on coding topics on the internet.


What are your single best tips for other learners?

1. Belief in yourself.

2. Stay persistent with your learning journey.

3. Focus on the fundamentals.

4.. Practice a lot by doing projects, no matter how big or small.

5. Do not be afraid to ask any questions.

6. Do not be afraid to apply for a job you feel you are not qualified for.


Anything else?

It is critical not to quit midway through your coding adventure.

If you get stuck and don't know how to proceed or where to turn for support, there are many online forums and communities you may join.

Many of them may be found on platforms such as Discord, Slack, Twitter, and others.

Furthermore, if that isn't enough for you, feel free to contact IT businesses for assistance. This approach might be discouraging should you constantly be rejected, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Some firms may assist you more than you imagined by providing additional materials and learning responsibilities. If you're persistent, you could even get an internship.

Never be disheartened if you fail. We all learn from our mistakes.


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Raj Sarkar - October 17, 2022

I have a convo with matej best Motivator i have ever met always pushed me to the positive side . 1 Rep from me <3 Thank You matej for positive words +

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