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Get lifelong access to all courses and certifications with Full Access.

How to get your first developer job in 10 steps

👋 Introduction

Everyone can become a developer.
You can find lots of free content on the internet.
Landing your first developer job can be hard.
The most important thing is to never give up.
Practice every day to become better.

How to get your first job in Ten steps 🚀

There are many ways of getting your first job.
The order of the steps is a suggestion.
You can do the steps in the order that you like.  

Preparations: Set a goal

Commit to your goal.
Create a plan.
Dedicate time every day and week for learning and practice.
Being consistent is the the most important thing! 

There is really no reason to pay for an expensive Bootcamp or monthly subscription to get access to content. You can find lots of free content open on the internet. Work your plan, build, and be consistent. You will be fine!

How to get your first developer job in 10 steps overview

 Step One: Master the languages

Read, practice and build with the languages that you have decided to learn.

Start with the frameworks and libraries once you feel confident with the main languages.

Always be building.

Step Two: Build an CV or online resume

An online resume is a digital version of a resume.

It is an overview of your experience, skills, education, and achievements.

It can be used to apply for a job, freelancer gig, consultancy engagement, or apply to a school.

The value of having it online as a website is that people from all over the world can access it easily.

How to write a CV 

How to create an Online Resume Online resume

Step Three: Build a portfolio site

The portfolio is essential to get noticed.

Creating a portfolio is a good way of growing your online presence.

The portfolio is used to showcase your skills and projects.

It can help you to get a job, freelancer gig, or, internship.

Here is a tutorial on how to create your portfolio: How To Create a Portfolio

Step Four: Search and apply for relevant jobs (ongoing)

Always be searching and applying for jobs.

Typical entry jobs are Intern or Junior Developer.

Remember that getting the first job is the hardest.

Landing the next one is easier.

Step Five: Look for freelance gigs

Freelance gigs are good to build relevant work experience.

Create your profile with a gig platform.

Search and apply for relevant engagements.

Market your profile actively.

Add completed engagements to your Resume and Portfolio.

Step Six: Work on projects

Working on your own projects improves your skills.

Share your completed projects with others.

Keep practicing. Consistency is the most important thing!

Create a Free Website: W3Schools Spaces

Step Seven: Apply for internships

Internships are one of the best ways to enter the job market.

It can help you to get relevant experience such as:

  • Working on solving real world problems
  • Working as a team (this is important). To not only work solo
  • Learning from others
  • Getting feedback on your code
  • Learning agile methods
  • Get a chance to prove yourself with a company

Step Eight: Upload your code to Github and contribute

Github is an open-source repository.

It is a community for programmers.

Having your code on github allows for collaboration with others.

Participating in an open-source project is a good way to get experience. Look for one!

Here is a tutorial for you to learn Git: Learn Git

Step Nine: Join a developer community

Community is a place where you can connect with others.

Participating in a community can make the learning easier.

Sharing different perspectives is a good way to learn.

You can give back by contributing with what you have learned.

Connect with others and network, so that you can get noticed.

Maybe you can find a mentor in the community crowd?

Joining a community is great to connect with other developers to learn, collaborate, and network.

We have created a community for just this.

Join the W3Schools Community

Step Ten: Grow your online presence

Showcase your work on social medias.

Contribute by writing relevant content such as.

  • Your projects
  • Articles
  • Contributions to an open-source platform

What is your best tips? 

Make sure to leave your best tips in the comment field. 👇

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Mouiz - July 26, 2022

Can I get a job and I am 16 years old?

Melvin Guerrero - July 24, 2022

Excellent article!
very well explained and very good advice

Iddris Abdul wahab - July 23, 2022


Rabiul - July 20, 2022

Really informative article, I started my development journey this month!!!

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