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How to get started with your project

👋 Introduction

Putting together your idea into a project is exciting!

The most important thing to do when starting a new project for your idea is to create a plan.

Analyze your project idea and discover how to approach the project.

The planning phase will help you find new ideas and solutions.

One of the best ways to get yourself started planning your project is to ask yourself the four Ws.

Why are you starting the project?
What do you need to do to achieve your expected result of the project?
Who will be working on the project? If you have a project team, you should assign different tasks for each project member. If you are working alone, you should split your tasks into different time frames and focus on each task separately.
When are you expecting to complete your project?

Do not get demotivated if you don’t reach your deadline.

Time estimations are rarely accurate when it comes to big projects.

If your project is incomplete past your expected deadline, set a new deadline.

Trying to follow your deadlines will help you progress along the way.

Estimating deadlines will help you understand how much time you require to complete tasks.

Setting goals

Break down your project into multiple smaller projects and tasks.

Imagine working on a static webpage for a simple example of how you can break down a project into smaller projects.

Find out what you would like to have on your webpage and split all the elements into a separate, smaller project to that you will assign tasks.

Each element of the wireframe could be a separate project, such as:

  • Header
  • Icon
  • Body
  • Footer

You can use the 4 Ws on every part of your project to create your own guidelines for how you should deal with the task.

Keep a clean structure to keep it organized.

You can create different branches on GitHub for each smaller project that you work on within your main project.

Keep your progress persistent.

Here is a resource on how to manage your time with timeboxing

Project management methodologies

There are many project management methodologies to choose from that can assist you in tracking the progress of your project.

You can try multiple project management methodologies to find the best suitable methods for you and your project.

Here are the most commonly used project management methodologies:

Project management methodologies:
  • Agile Methodology
  • Kanban Methodology
  • Waterfall Methodology
  • Scrum Methodology
  • Six Sigma Methodology
  • Lean Methodology
  • Once you find a fitting methodology for your project, use it actively to support your progress.

    You can find useful project management tools that are based on the mentioned project management methodologies.

    Alternatively, you can create your own project management tool by using a notebook or a whiteboard with post-it notes.


    The 4 Ws will help you plan out and prepare for your project.

    First, take your time to explore your idea and take notes.

    Then, break down your project into smaller, easy-to-follow tasks.

    Finally, find and use a project management methodology that fits your project.

    Good luck with your project! 

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    James - September 5, 2022

    >"you can create your own project management tool by using a notebook or a whiteboard with post-it notes."

    I like this advice! Don’t become boxed-in by what the tools allow you to do. Create your own tools.

    Md. Abul Bashar - August 21, 2022

    How to creative responsive webpage

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